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Dapper Assassin update

Here are some pics for the game.  This is a club scene reminiscent of the one from the movie.

I fiddled with the post process system to get a pretty effect.

I have this bad tendency to work on other projects before finishing one.  I’ll probably work on another project for the heck of it, but DA will be finished soon.


Speedster game

Started working on my speedster game again.  I have simple badguy and simple mechanics.  I finally got my AI to be able to shoot and move nearly simultaneously.

Funny thing, when I spawned some enemies together, they started shooting each other.  lol.

I’m not sure what else to add or if I want to continue for now.  Kinda did what I wanted to do with this project.  If anyone has any ideas, write them in the comments.

Deciding on game play mechanics for my new game Futureproof

I took the idea of Dapper Assassin(gun fu based gameplay) and want to put it in the future!!

Future stuff is fun as hell if done right (I’m looking at you Call of Duty)

I think I want a game with a technologically advanced super something in a hi-tech world, completing missions using weapons and powers/abilities.

It would be bland if it was just that.  So, I’m not sure to pick from a soldier, hacker, or cop.

I know one thing is definite: all powers and upgrades must be gameplay mechanics, not gimmicks!!

No move will be overpowered, and no move will work alone.

All attacks must work in conjunction with your weapon and enhance game play on a whole.

Gosh darn google drive

While google drive is excellent cloud storage platform, it doesn’t easily run my Unity Web Player games.

This sucks, since I have lost the source code swapping computers.  I now put everything on g-drive so I don’t loose my game assets. LOL.

However, I still use revision control on text-based projects since they don’t take that much size.

Gotta love backing stuff up!!