Games in development

I have a couple games in development.

I like to make simple games containing one VERY FUN level.

If it’s good, I can create more levels from it to make a grand adventure

Game in development are:

Feather – a stealth action heist game – 90%

Dragon – a action-adventure game about a Vampire counsel agent trying to find the cause of a viral outbreak that’s killing their food supply  – 40%

Zombie Feast – a tower defense like shooter where morality is questionable – 90%

Project “John Woo” – a player controlled cover based on-rails shooter in the spirit of John Woo movies – 70%

Project Dapper Assassin – a game modeled off of the John Wick.  Working on club scene stage – about 75%

I’m working on all of them on my off time when I get a chance.  I hope to have some images to post soon.